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Updated Monday February 25, 2019 by Trabuco Canyon Little League.

UmpDate for 02/25/2019

Hello Umpires,

Coverage has been excellent. Great work on everyone’s part. A couple items have come up and it’s important to address them so we can all learn.

Pre-game – Post-Game

Make sure to have both. Talk about who is going to get fly balls, usually plate umpire. Who has all runners, usually the base umpire. What ground rules? Drop third, What’s the signal? (call strike three and make a safe call with your arms), Infield Fly, Stealing Home? Etc. etc.

Talk about the game. Guaranteed there were calls some parents didn’t like, did you get them right, would a better angle help? Did you both make an out call with your arm? When and why? Talk about those moments and become better.

Declaring last inning:

If you come to a time where you are running up against the last pitch time, or no new inning before another game or after a time limit. The Umpire in Chief, or the plate umpire, should make decisions based on safety, getting a regulation game in the books (4 innings for Small Diamond 5 for Big Diamond), and then towards getting the most baseball played for the kids. If you are 31 minutes out and don’t want to start a new inning due to getting “close” then you are missing the spirit of the rules. There is NO rule that says there must be a final inning declared and unlimited runs available to score, subject to the CBO rules (AAA and below). If you’ve completed 4 innings and you’re between starting a new inning or not. Please remember if you do not get the complete inning in, it’s still a complete game as the score reverts back to the last completed inning. If you aren’t up against another game, you should be playing until last pitch time, or to any time limits short of completing the game (6 innings for Majors and below and 7 innings for Juniors and above.  


If you have a walk a thon, your zone is too tight. I can tell you even in College if there is a blow-out. The coaches are asking to widen the zone. No one wants to watch that… so loosen your zone. As an example, if you are on AA. Your zone should be AT LEAST shoulders to mid shin from the inside lines of both boxes in… AKA, huge zone. Yes, some parents will not understand why you are giving anything off the plate. But now you know it’s OK. We promote swinging and we want to call strikes and outs.

Judgments Calls

If you want to stop a coach from asking questions, you simply have to say, “In my judgment”. Coaches cannot argue or question judgment calls. Only application of rules can be protested. Balls, Strikes, Outs, Safes, Fairs, Fouls are all judgement calls and cannot be argued.  

District Umpires

If you have an interest and WOULD LIKE to umpire District Games, please shoot me an email. I will evaluate one of your games and present your approval to Sammy Griffith for consideration.