Make Up Game Procedures

Updated Friday March 7, 2014 by Trabuco Canyon Little League.

Rain Outs (Upper Divisions)

Rained out games, and all other make-up games will be played on the first available date on any available field. The first available dates will be Fridays and Sundays.


- No team will be required to play games on more than three (3) consecutive calendar days.

Games will be made-up in the order missed, unless a team has a conflict as noted in the exceptions above. In such case, the next missed game will move up into the first available make-up date. Playing a make-up game out of order will not be considered a justifiable reason for missing an available make-up date.

The TCLL Field Scheduler will schedule all make-up games in accordance with the above. The managers of the teams involved shall not make any other agreements or arrangements regarding the scheduling of make-up games.

Tie Games

Tie games, as stated in rule 4.12 “can be completed preceding the next scheduled game between the same two teams.” The word “can” in this rule leaves room for local discretion, therefore for purposes of scheduling; it is the policy of the board that tie games with less than two innings of play remaining (and not likely interfere with the completion of the regularly scheduled game) shall be finished at the next meeting of the two teams.

Tie or incomplete games with more than two innings of play remaining, and all rained out games (which likely would interfere with the completion of the regularly scheduled game), shall be assigned to the following make-up dates in the order they occur:

Failure of a team to have enough players to begin a rescheduled game by game time may be grounds for a forfeit. Any forfeit shall require approval of the Board of Directors.

Exception: If a team cannot field nine (9) players for a game for some school-related or religious function, the manager must notify (in writing) the President or Division Rep at least 72 hours prior to the game with the specific reason(s) for the request. The League President, in his sole discretion, may order the game postponed to a different date. (A request may be denied if time/dates or field availability or other considerations render it impractical to reschedule the game). Any request for postponement communicated to the League President or Division Rep. inside 72 hours before the game will not be considered.

General Game Postponement Policy 

We try to play all games as scheduled, and therefore most delay/cancellation decisions will be made at the field at game time. Generally games are not postponed for light rain or moderate cold; but heavy rain or unsafe and unplayable field conditions that can't be remedied will require postponement.

Weekday Games - If conditions CLEARLY are unplayable by 1 pm, the games will be postponed and this information made available on the web site and mud line by 2:15 pm. If no postponement is announced by 2:15 pm, all team managers, coaches and players must report to the field. A go/no-go decision will be made at the field at game time.

Weekend Games - Unless the weather is extreme, games will be postponed only on a case-by-case (time slot-by-time slot) basis. Therefore managers, coaches and players must report to the field at game time unless the hotline contains a message that all games have been postponed for that day. NOTE: a game may be postponed early in the day and later games played. Updated postponement information will be made available on the hotline as soon as decisions are made.

Procedures. Play/No play decisions are in the hands of League Officials until a game is started. Once a game commences, halt/resume decisions are totally in the hands of the umpires.

Rescheduling Postponed Games 

Majors' and Minors' (AAA & AA) postponed games automatically will be re-scheduled for the immediate next Friday or Sunday by the Field Scheduler. Managers, coaches, players and parents are on notice that any game postponed from Monday through Saturday will be played on the immediately following Friday or Sunday (assuming suitable weather). Every attempt will be made to play all games postponed during the week by the Sunday that ends the same week. Pitchers used on Sunday will be ineligible to pitch on Monday; and their eligibility to pitch Tuesday and Wednesday games may be affected, see the rules.) Machine Pitch, Coach pitch and tee ball games usually cannot be rescheduled.

If a game is called before becoming an official game (rained out, or stopped due to darkness), the respective Division Rep. shall contact the TCLL Field Scheduler to reschedule the game.